About Metamorphosis, Incorporated

Metamorphosis, Incorporated is a nonprofit female community service organization dedicated to creating a growing community of transformed women and girls. The Organization offers life training to women and girls of various ethnicities, ecumenical, and social-economic backgrounds. 


The organization’s inception dates back to July 2005, with the acceptance of a Divine vision birthed through the Founder, CEO and Executive Director, Tracey Booker. During this delivery, a plan of action was given to work confront various subtle societal messages about the female’s efficacy, value and potential in the world today. Issues such as low self esteem, weight problems, low self worth, peer pressure, negative body image, sexual health, race relations are mentally and physically stifling to females.  It is imperative that females of all ages seek, receive and maintain positive and healthy transformation for their lives. 


Starting with young women, it is vital that the difference between what is many times depicted in the media and television, is balanced with a realistic stance to build healthy lives.  A “metamorphosis” has to take place in order to work through old thought processes and ways of doing things in order to become “free” and to move forward in life.  Metamorphosis, Incorporated seeks to provide vital educational and service programs to females beginning at age nine into adulthood.


Preparation is the key, in that participants of the programs under the Metamorphosis, Incorporated umbrella must be able to lead free, successful, productive and fulfilling lives.